There are people in my world that believe in an endless supply of crude oil in Alaska and any talk of limited oil is a lie made by the left. They believe that electric cars are “just an Obama-thing” and will go away after Obama is voted out of office. And yes we are destroying the earth and in that destruction, fulfilling biblical prophecy as we await the second coming of Christ and heaven on earth.

We agree that neighbors helping neighbors is important. We agree that family is important. We agree that Dungeness crab is tasty and we have our licenses. But politics? No common ground anywhere, except to perhaps agree to disagree. I don’t see common ground, causing paralysis, even in writing on this blog.

I have been reading about the Tea Party in an effort to, as Sun-tzu, Chinese general & military strategist (~400 BC) suggested, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” The words on the website seem reasonable enough, but the writers and comments by members indicate that they really do not want consensus, they want their way. There is no room for conversation. The progressives calling for a non-violent revolution are not any more wiling to work with their conservative counterparts. What happened to all those nice middle of the road people like me? Feeling paralyzed?

So, in my quest for understanding, I turn to my spiritual path. If the world has gone crazy, go inside. Be. When do-ing is futile, be.

A life without beliefs. Steve Williamson has an idea about this that I am attracted to. Lets see how it works for awhile.