4 of 6 knitted puppets complete from Knitpicks

WordPress is a busy place.  This is my first post here.  Previous posts were on my first blog at Blogger.  Everyone was talking about WordPress.  Being late to the blog game, jump in an paddle is the only option.

Knitting helps me cope.  When times get tough, knit socks.  I have been knitting tons of socks since 2004; politically a really bad year for me.  Knitting socks keeps me in my seat when bolting seems the only reasonable option. I knit socks for one of my favorite charities, Casa Hogar de Los Angeles.  Early on, people asked me to knit socks for them.  If I put my hourly rate to a pair of socks no one could or would afford them. So, for a 25 dollar donation to Casa Hogar, my friends get a pair of socks made just for them and I get a few more hours with NPR or PBS without killing myself or others.

Socks have given way to puppets for the moment.  Grandkids are on the way.  Socks for feet that grow an inch a month are not an option.