DSCN8455Back to School.  A kind of  Mystery School.  I love school and so I am going to Blogger U for the month of November.  And I am not at all sure what will be be learned from this practice.  I am not panicking because this is November 4 and I am blogging for the first time this month.  I am breathing.  I am taking this in stride.  So I don’t get an A.  So I don’t get an A?  Are you kidding me?

Taking this challenge:  a blog a day for 30 days, in the vein of NaNoWriMo.  Even if it is the same month that we pick up and move countries.  That’s OK.  You all like traveling with me.  So, November is a good month to go to Blogger U and take a little trip both educationally and physically.  Blogosphere and Alamos, Sonora, Mexico

For ten years we have been living in San Miguel de Allende during the Pacific Northwest dark months.  There is nothing dark about San Miguel in the fall and winter.  It is bright with activity and holiday ritual: jazz in November, posadas at Christmas, the plaza filled with families, music and fireworks on New Year’s Eve, the parque filled with flowers and plants in February.  Semana Santa.  Art walks and gallery openings.  The biggest problem for most part-time residents to San Miguel is getting enough rest while doing everything that there is to do.  Workshops.  Classes.  Concerts.  Restaurants.  The Tenth Annual San Miguel Writer’s Conference.

This winter we are going to be living in the quiet pueblo of Alamos.  And my winter, instead of being packed with known activities and friends, will be a mystery, an exploration.  It will start with the mundane:  what clothes do I need to take.  The elevation in Alamos is much lower than San Miguel and only a few miles from the Sea of Cortes.  So fewer sweaters and more shorts.  I can handle that.  There will be new Spanish tutors, new neighbors, new markets and I am sure new customs.  I still look forward to posadas at Christmas and tamales at Candelaria.

Traveling to a new home.  Traveling a new road of blogging commitment.  I am a good Gemini.  Why do one thing at a time when you can do two.