Inspired by a writing prompt from Writing Alone and With Others

What matters?  Honesty matters.  Not that I would flat out lie to you.  Self deception is the puzzle to be solved.  Is the voice saying “Go For It” the voice of my Higher Self or the voice of self destruction.  Self destruction should be an oxymoron.  For some, it probably is.

Family matters.  Which family?  Family of homo sapiens. Family of sentient beings.  Family of Origin.  Expanding the family that matters matters.

Water matters.  My body is over 50% water.  The infant I hold, over 75%.  I have the privilege to sit beside an alpine stream running through granite mountains.  In silence I watch the brown trout, swimming in place waiting for a meal to appear.  Every human has the right to clean water.  Water rights matter.

Scribbling words on a page matters.  Thoughts translated to words, transcribed to the page.

Love matters.  Honestly.  Love of family, of the earth, of the creative process and going for it.  Love of exploration matters and failure matters.  Starting over matters more than giving up.


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